Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So Here We Go!

Wow. My first blog. I feel so not old.
Well what can I say about myself. I am a new stay at home mom and I think that I'm half crazy for doing it. I don't ever get a lunch break let alone a bathroom break. It's the exact same thing every day 7 days a week and I am sooooo tired. Tired and bored.
This is the first break I've had all day and let me tell you it's not really a break. My almost four month old is sleeping in the next room (I knew she wasn't hungry but I nursed her because I knew she would fall asleep). My two year old is upstairs in her crib (Yeah she is still in a crib) calling "Mommy, mommy, what are you doing." I would like to call back "I'm ignoring you sweetie so Mommy can have a little time to herself before she rips every hair on her head out, my love." But ignoring will work for right now. Maybe she will take a nap, doubtful but I refuse to give up hope!
Is it too early for a martini?
I actually called a friend up yesterday at quarter to five and asked her that very question. Before she even had two seconds to say "Hello?" I began my justification... "So Jeff is on his way home and should be here within 15 minutes. Parker is screaming because I'm not holding her and playing with her and giving her 120% of my attention and therefore believes herself to be the most unloved and neglected 3 month old on the planet and Emmy is in the bathroom changing her underware after her third accident of the day but atleast this one isn't poop and I just want a martini. I got new martini glasses for Christmas and there is vodka in the refridgerator and I'm so tired. Did I mention that no one took a nap today? We tried but Emmy woke up Parker from two naps and now everyone is cranky. Is it too early to start drinking?"
Can I just say that cherry martinis are WONDERFUL!

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  1. Oof. Hope the SAHM thing gets easier. There has been many a day when I've been jealous of my SAHM friends, but I can totally see how it would drive you to drink. Appletinis are good too...