Friday, January 22, 2010

Housewares Level 4

30 Days to a Better Blog

Can I first start off by saying this title makes me feel as if I’m participating in some strange fad diet consisting of consuming mass quantities of prune juice and some herb they aren’t allowed to sell in the US. “Try our program now! Results guaranteed!” Maybe in thirty days the nursing schedule vs. bottle usage formula (take your baby's weight and multiply by 2.5 then divide by the average number of feedings in a 24-hour period gives you the amount of expressed milk to give your infant) with have fallen out of my brain and been replaced with something useful.
I am only doing this because I firmly believe that if I don’t start using my mind again for something other than coming up with new ways to keep my two year old and four month old from slowly driving me insane, my brain will shrivel up and die.

So assignment #1: Elevator Pitch:
How I, a bitter jobless, stay at home mommy, amusingly navigate my way through, meltdowns, mayhem, and martinis.

There it is. The shortest assignment I’ve ever had and I only mildly BS my way through it. But give me a break. My kids only sleep at the same time for 2 hours out of the day and I have to at least pretend that I’ve done something around the house by the time my husband gets home. So…this is the best I’ve got

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