Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lost by a nose

Parker had her 4 month check-up today. She is a very tall, skinny healthy baby! Apparetly my breast milk works.
I talked to the MIL today afterwards giving her a report on my super long skinny baby stats. I don't know why this is but I frequently feel like I have to prove that my children belong to me and have my genes too! Yes my husband is tall and skinny but...I used to be too! I don't really know why the Mommy Bear in me roars when people compare our daughter's to my husband but it does and quite loudly at that. I hear a lot of how much my children look like my husband's side of the family. The length of Parker's arms, her hair color, the shape of her eyes, her clam nature, apparently all from Jeff's side. Emmy's eye color and hair color, and smile and cheeks and chin, all Jeff. It shouldn't bother me and most days it doesn't but today I felt like asking "Was I in the room when these two girls were conceived?" There has to be something that's me in my daughters.
I went to my evil, competitive place today. I was bound and determined to find at least one photo of me as a child where one of my children looked like me. Where I could point and say "See that's my nose!" I was going to find that one pictures and blow it up for all the world to see. I would find both my husband's and my baby book and compare them, damn it. I was on a mission. I was pretty sure I knew where his was and had a good idea of where mine might be. The search began.
I found Jeff's baby book that his mother filled out.
I found the guest book from my mother's funeral, filled out by 209 friends and family who attended her funeral and wake.
Today kinda sucks.


  1. :( Big hugs! And if it helps, I think the girls look like you, too! People always think Richie looks like Fred, even though he has my nose and mouth.

  2. Sad face friend. My MIL has to mention that Carter looks just like Jeff all the time. Carter is me too! Did I not grow him inside of me? Roar!